Published by: Tamara Nikolić Đerić, 15.10.2018.

(Hrvatski) Jubilarno 10. Izdanje ETNOFilm Festivala

Dear colleagues and friends,

ETNOFILm Festival is back this year bringing you even more ethnographic documentary films while basking in the Istrian sun! 

To celebrate the 10th edition of this anthropological romance, we have curated the program in three parts: Istrian, Retrospective and Student. Our selectors and longtime festival collaborators, Marko Zdravkovic-Kunac (Istrian), Bojan Mucko (Retrospective) and Relja Pekić Carić (Students) worked Tamara Nikolic Đerić, our artistic director, to prepare a program that matches the general spirit of the festival, bringing you new films while honours the ones we have already screened.

We will go into further detail about programs in some of our next posts so keep an eye on this space to plan your weekend accordingly!

Trg brodogradilišta 3, Rovinj

Published by: ETNOFILm , 01.05.2017.

(Hrvatski) U subotu završilo 9. izdanje ETNOFILma

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Published by: ETNOFILm , 28.04.2017.

The opening day of ETNOFILm festival

The 9th edition of ETNOFILm started yesterday with Istrian Film Day, organized in cooperation with IKA.  (more…)

Published by: ETNOFILm , 25.04.2017.

Istrian Film Day, 27th of April at ETNOFILm

In cooperation with IKA (Istrian Cultural Agency), ETNOFILm dedicates its first day to films by local authors and those filmed in Istria. Customs, beliefs, habitat, moments of history – all familiar to us from our childhood – will be shown through four stories that we bring on Thursday, 27th of April. (more…)

Published by: ETNOFILm , 24.01.2017.

We are back!

Dear friends and colleagues,

ETNOFILm festival has grown from an utopian desire of bringing closer  ethnographic documentary film to a broader audience, but also as a need to build international visual anthropology niche. During this eight year period we’ve developed the festival recipe where all the ingredients matter equally: specific genre approach, professional team, intimate festival atmosphere and communication with the audience. (more…)

Published by: Kristina Smoljanović, 01.05.2016.

Winners of our 8th ETNOFILm edition!

Saturday evening, after all the movies have been screened…the time came to give the awards and close our 8th Festival edition, happier than ever and thankful to all our authors for applying and making this year`s atmosphere even better.

Published by: Kristina Smoljanović, 30.04.2016.

(Hrvatski) Drugi dan održavanja ETNOFILma

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Published by: Maja Ogrizović, 29.04.2016.

(Hrvatski) Otvoren je 8. ETNOFILm festival u Rovinju

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Published by: Maja Ogrizović, 20.04.2016.

The Award


The Ethnographic Film Festival in Rovinj is, by its vocation, the venue where ideas and creative individuals meet. The biographies and projects of the latter create an i
nteractive platform on which films are shown and workshops are held to merge the living reality and the complex theory of interpretation of the contemporary present. In this spirit, four years ago Festival has launched the cooperation with the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka.

Published by: Maja Ogrizović, 18.04.2016.

Music, dance and exhibition of 8th ETNOFILm.

Eight year in a row April is the month for Ethnographic Museum of Istria and Multimedia center Rovinj cooperate and bring you ETNOFILm festival – three days of international ethnographic production. All the screenings are free of charge, and beside 30 selected films, the Festival brings you lectures, workshops, masterclass, an interesting exhibition and a unique musical program.


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