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The awards, and a lot more…

The last day of our Festival was atmospheric and happy and ETNOFILm circled through the whole town. The biggest moment of the day was the evening, not just because of the award ceremony but also the sharing of stories, knowledge and film experience. 

The ceremony was opened by our Festival manager Tamara Nikolić Đerić, followed by our jury members who thanked Bojan Mucko and Andrea Matošević for picking the right movies and making a great consistent Festival body.

The award in the category of professional ethnologists/anthropologists went to Bryony Dunne for “The Orchard Keepers”, filmed in Sinai mountain. Inspirational messages of a young couple showed us how can a miracle be made with just love, patience and water.

In our most numerous category – films by authors who are not professional ethnologists/anthropologists, the jury awarded Fabio Cunha for “52 summers”, a story about a couple that questions their own life together, but also the one with the nature, while thinking about the beginnings and (no) end.

Among the student category, Natasha Raheja and her “Cast in India” took our little statue made by Rino Banko. She stood out with a strong film language which caught the story about the omnipresent and yet invisible manhole covers that are spread across the streets of New York. The story of how they are made takes us to India and reveals the arduous manufacturing process carried out every day by approximately a thousand workers.

In the category films by professional ethnologists/anthropologists in TV production, the authors – Catherine Wieland i Caroline Vercruysse – were awarded for “Bad Seeds”, a film which revealed a whole new world behind the seemingly meaningless  tags.

The jury decided to give Special Mentions to four films. Both Ines Prica and Oliver Sertić decided to point out the demystification of cultural stereotypes in “The Good Day” by Clara Kleininger. “A ballad of life”, from the author Ohm Phanphiroj got a Special mention for a radical questioning of a controversial subject. Each of two members of our jury decided to give one Special mention. Ines Prica honored Drago Toroman and his “(The) Last Rafter” because of the dynamic and dramaturgicaly consistent film language, while Oliver Sertić honored Vjekoslav Gašparović for an original visual approach to the practice of a social resistance in “with You through life”.

The organisation team wants to congratulate all the authors and thank them for their applications and participation. Our Festival was even better thanks to Clara Kleininger, Babette Burgi, Davor Borić, Ljiljana Šišmanović, Svetlana Osipova, Drago Toroman, Natasha Raheja, Anna Witte, Josefien van Kooten, Rasim Karalić, Branko Lazić, Ivo Kuzmanić, Aleksej Pavlovski and Vjekoslav Gašparović.


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